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Ministry Team
Marc Fortson Color
Marc Fortson
Minister of Music


Marc and his wife Cindy joined Churchill Baptist as a newlywed couple in 1981. His service to the church began with his ordination as a deacon.

Beginning in 1982 he served as the church's first Youth Minister where he served in that capacity until 1984. Growing up as a child of a pastor, Marc had always been involved in church music and when he came to Churchill Baptist it was natural for him to become a part of the choir and music program. He was asked to serve as the Minister of Music in 1989 where he continues to serve today. In 2002, Marc was ordained as a minister and is excited about what God has in store for him in the future.

Marc and Cindy have grown up together, not only spiritually, but as a family at Churchill Baptist. The Lord has blessed them with 3 wonderful daughters, whom they hope will grow to love the Lord, as well as the church with which God has blessed them. Marc and Cindy genuinely love their church family and through the past 34 years have seen many people come and go, yet they remain committed to their church home where they believe God led them and uses their faithfulness to be an encouragement and example for others.

Last Published: June 13, 2018 10:43 AM